Perry Street

Our Story

From travelling the world and sourcing the most distinctive pieces we could find, to learning the art of creating indulgent food experiences. We are Shaking Up the definition of Luxury.

Just two individuals with a commitment to embracing the unique beauty of each person.

Artist Paul studied architecture and fashion, with an almost predestined pull to retail. Having built a successful career in sourcing products and merchandising; Paul saw how customers interpreted their uniqueness, and strove to ensure that retail outlets embraced this.

Alongside him is Brian, a professional chef with a strong feeling for business and a background in finance. Brian pulled huge inspiration for food, colour, theatre, service and style from travelling the world. He wanted to blend what he had learned through years of cooking, culture and business into something amazing. Together, Paul and Brian curated Perry Street.

Married, with a love for travel, embracing global experiences and the beauty of diverse cultures, Paul and Brian wanted to craft an experience of exquisite charm and uniqueness. Coming from a close-knit family of over 90, demonstrating love through entertaining and food is second nature. From Kathleen’s trifle, to May’s brown bread (which has made it to the current Perry’s Street menu), everyone is welcome, sure we are all family!

March 2013 – Searching to craft a bistro dining experience in Cork City that reflected the warmth of Brian’s family heritage and Paul’s love of beautiful experiences, we were somehow drawn to Perry Street. This gloomy, dark building with only a flicker of light seemed to whisper, ‘make be beautiful’.

It was truly an uncut gem, with its original architecture, catacombs of storage tunnels and water running down its black walls. Amazingly, among all the degradation of history, a soft collection of white feathers scattered the building- a sign of beauty and a nod to a rich past.

We discovered the building’s incredible history – as the original home of Booth & Fox. This feather mattress and underwear manufacturer redefined homeware in Victorian society; having even been embraced by Queen Victoria.

The building seemed a complete match for bistro dining. It expressed warmth, welcome, and saw each person deserving of a beautiful dining experience.


2021 – As two individuals with a commitment to embracing the beauty of every customer that they meet, we are now expanding beyond the dining experience. We now provide an exquisite range of products and experiences across wellbeing and homeware that will redefine what we mean by luxury.

We hope you too will join the family and experience the beauty that is

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